Louise Brown was born at the UK in 1978 and was the first IVF baby conceived after natural cycle method.
The natural cycle involves egg collection aligned with your natural menstrual cycle. It is a process through which we assess the number and size of ovarian follicles, as well as the endometrial thickness, with regular ultrasound examination. Just before the woman is going to ovulate, instructions are given about timed sexual intercourse at home. Sometime the process could be helped with β-hCG injection (Pregnyl or Ovitrelle) that helps the oocyte to mature. In other cases oocyte retrieval and IVF could be performed.


The natural cycle method is a mild method of assisted reproduction that could be offered in the following cases:

  • Women who are not allowed or do not wish to receive hormonal treatment for ovarian stimulation
  • Women with irregular menstrual cycle
  • Coupler who wish to enhance their fertility chances and to time intercourse

It is essential that there is no other female or male factors that have an adverse effect on fertility.